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Elevating Wellness To Greater Heights

AG Nutrition breaks the boundary of being ‘just another multilevel marketing’ company by creating a range of quality products that boosts health and truly bring out the beauty from within. Four years since its inception in Malaysia, the brand has become the leading health supplement with innovative products and a rewarding business platform that has helped many achieve their financial goals.
Staying true to its mantra ‘Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better,’ the founders are determined to source high-quality ingredients and treat everyone in their product chain with care and respect - from retailers, employees and those who use the products. This value has helped them earn customer loyalty and establish brand recognition, leading to a stable entrepreneurship opportunity.
Available in numerous forms, including gummies, powders, and liquids, AG Nutrition’s dietary supplements are easy to consume and delicious. Most importantly, they are rich in all the essential vitamins and nutrients to boost and establish a balanced immune system. Careful studies have been carried out on the products to ensure their quality.
Faiz Salleh, one of the founders, shared, “I’m driven by two things – quality products and continuous growth. Creating good products that meet customer demands leads to fewer production costs, making our products accessible to many people. This is important because a reliable brand will translate to progress which in turn helps our people thrive. My lifelong dream is to build an empire where success is shared and great ideas are valued. We will continue to innovate, improve our products and create a healthy learning environment for our members.”

One of the core products from this award-winning brand is AG Cera, which provides a broad range of essential nutrients that boost the natural immune system. Combined with phyto technologies from France and Spain, it promotes the body’s natural ability to repair and maintain itself. It contains a good source of ceramides that create a barrier to prevent moisture loss — keeping skin hydrated and supple.
AG Nutrition understands the consumers’ needs for wholesome, natural, and, most importantly, products that address their health issues. It consistently innovates to utilise natural ingredients that have been scientifically tested to deliver all the essential nourishments for a healthy body. AG Broc, for instance, is the result of a combination of 3 state-of-the-art technologies from the USA, Italy, and Germany deriving from the finest vegetables and fruits to boost immunity.
Each of its nutritional drinks contains active formulations and properties, providing many benefits from improving blood circulation, boosting women’s health and recovering gut health. After all, the latter is vital for immune function, and research found that people with good gut health have more energy to go through the day.
The brand continues to tackle beauty not just from within. The complete skincare range of AG Beauty includes its bestsellers such as the hydrating foam cleanser, Givaglow serum and moisturiser that helps reduce hyperpigmentation and regenerate damaged skin— minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skincare line has active and natural ingredients to give the desired results.
Over the years, the diversity of AG Nutrition products has expanded to meet every consumer’s needs because everyone deserves to look, feel and live better, even the young ones. AG Gummies aims to fill the nutritional gaps in growing children, enabling them to achieve peak performance, stay active and grow happily. Every gummy contains blackberry extract, yestimun, vitamin C and lutein to boost immunity and eye health.
“We are in the driving seat to progress continuously and develop quality products and services to elevate our consumers’ and distributors’ quality of life. I am genuinely passionate about the brand. The idea of providing an opportunity for people from all walks of life to grow and achieve financial freedom is exhilarating. This is why I keep going, even when times are tough. I take pride in what I do and the values I bring to those around me,” said founder of AG Nutrition, Hafiz Salleh regarding his aspirations for business growth.

Article Credit: https://top10malaysia.com/main/elevating-wellness-to-greater-heights/