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Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are the essential part of any chemical reactions that take place in our body. Thus, various biological reactions, such as digesting food, activities of the brain, cellular energy, and repair process of tissues, etc. are mainly done by various enzymes and related compounds called co-enzymes. The gastrointestinal tract begins with the mouth, and digestion starts with chewing, which breaks up large pieces of food into smaller particles that can be swallowed. The saliva contains the digestive enzyme amylase, which breaks complex sugars, into smaller sugar units.

The food is then moved to the stomach where it is subjected to enzymatic action enteric digestive enzymes viz., protein-digesting enzyme (pepsin), and lipid digesting enzyme (gastric lipase). The final stage of digestion and most of the absorption occurs in the small intestine. Here, partially digested carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are broken down by respective digestive enzymes into monosaccharides, fatty acids, and amino acids, respectively.

Improper digestion, caused by lack or inefficiency of one or more digestive enzymes, leads to various digestive disorders viz., Insufficient/inefficient lactase leads to lactose intolerance, undigested nutrients leads celiac disease, and studies have shown that colon health is dictated by the proper digestive process. Also, improper digestion in the elderly population leads to flatulence, bloating, and diarrhea. For example, dairy protein-based products contain milk protein and lactose (milk sugar) which is hard for some to digest and may cause bloating.

Enzyme Supplements

Enzyme supplements are digestive enzyme preparations derived from animal, plant, microbial, and others. Pancreatin enzymes are common in the market as digestive enzymes supplements which are bovine or porcine origin. Hence the demand for the plant-based digestive enzymes are increased in the market. These digestive enzymes are of bacterial or fungal origin and are produced through fermentation method

Nowadays, they are being used as a major source of enzymes for supplements, thus representing about 90% of all enzymes produced commercially. Some of the best-known sources of microbial enzymes used in supplements include species like AspergillusRhizopus (fungal), Bacillus (bacterial), and Saccharomyces (yeast).

Microbial Enzymes Vs Animal Enzymes

Studies have suggested that enzymes from microbial source are as beneficial as animal-based enzymes or even better. Additionally, microbe-derived enzymes may be used at a lower dosage and possess a broader pH range of activity and are highly active even at higher temperatures compared to animal-based enzymes.


DigeZyme® is a unique, proprietary blend of five specific enzymes, viz. α-amylase (starch digestive enzyme), protease (protein digestive enzyme), lipase (Fat digestive enzyme), cellulose (cellulose hydrolyzing enzyme), and lactase (lactose hydrolyzing enzyme). This provides optimal digestion of all the macromolecules.

The comprising enzymes are derived from microbial sources that are reported to be stable under a wide range of gastric pH levels, effective in lower dosage, and have a broader pH range of activity than animal-based enzymes.




Aspergillus oryzae

Neutral Protease

Bacillus subtilis


Aspergillus oryzae


Rhizopus oryzae


Trichoderma longibrachiatum

The individual enzymes are Non-GMO (not derived from genetically modified organisms), suitable for Vegans, gluten-free, and TSE (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy) and BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) free. The table shows the component enzymes of the DigeZyme® and their respective sources.

The protease and lactase enzymes in DigeZyme® not only help to digest milk proteins but also lactose, thereby help control bloating caused by lactose indigestion. Plant based proteins (soya, pea, almond, rice, potato proteins etc.) contain protein and phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

DigeZyme® can digest the plant components more efficiently since it contains cellulase and protease, the digestive enzymes that can digest cellulosic material as well as plant proteins, respectively. So, DigeZyme® is an ideal multi-enzyme blend for both dairy and plant protein-based products.

Unique Features DigeZyme®

  • Vegan: Derived from non-animal sources

  • Each digestive enzyme in the blend is food-grade, Non-GMO and gluten-free

  • Adheres to the most stringent international standards and regulatory norms

  • Resistant to the action of gastric juices, while retaining optimal activity

  • Safe, traceable origins, validated quality & science-backed efficacy

Recent Trends Of Enzymes

Understanding of enzyme supplementation’s benefits has gone beyond digestive aid with recent research into new and different areas drawing more attention to the category. In addition to playing a role in managing a range of conditions related to gastrointestinal tract, research indicates digestive enzymes may be helpful to immune function, joint and mood support, and weight loss. This is an opportunity for the category to expand further and reach a broader audience.

DigeZyme® has been evaluated clinically for its effectiveness in decreasing delayed onset muscle soreness from high-intensity eccentric exercise. Further, it has been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy, is subject to stringent quality checks, and adheres to all regulatory requirements (Majeed et al., 2016).

It is manufactured in state-of-the-art biotechnology manufacturing unit, which is inspected by the US-FDA (United States Food and drug administration) and has FSSC22000:2005 and USP-GMP certification. It is Halal and Kosher certified, and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Majeed, M., Siva, K. A., Shaheen, M., Priti, V., and Kiran, K. V. (2016). Multi-enzyme complex for the management of delayed onset muscle soreness after eccentric exercise: A randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study. Sports Nutr Ther, 1, 113.


Article Credit: https://digezyme.com/digezyme/digestive-enzymes/